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In a 12-team league that scores 6pt/pass TD.
I have struggled with the QB position since Big Ben went down. I thought I had "stabilized" my QB trauma by picking up Minshew and Brissett. Now Brissett is likely out this week, and Minshew is on bye only to return to the bench after the bye.

Who should I add to replace Minshew?
K. Allen @ GB (questionable matchup, but likely a fairly high scoring game, and seems to have won the starting spot from Cam)
Rudolph vs LAR (seems to score fairly well 1-2 TDs/game)

Who should I go after for this week and the ROS?

Thanks Tank!
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Allen all day. Brisset may start too

Std Yahoo, 6 pt td, 0.5 PPR, 10-team
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1 TE: M. Gesicki, J. Smith
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Yea Allen and no Brissett

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