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In a 12 Team league scoring 6pts/pass TD and -2pts/int. Up against the #1 scoring team this week so every point matter.
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Who to stream at QB this week?
Brissett vs TEN (decent floor, low ceiling)
Carr @ KC (just benched vs zNYJ)
Mayfield vs @ PIT (high risk/reward in iffy matchup)
Foles vs TB (high risk reward in good matchup)

OK Tank! This is it! Who should I stream at QB this week? Thank you
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I'm not considering anyone but Mayfield or Foles, and I'd start Foles if you want a higher floor. However, Mayfield has been outperforming him fantasy-wise and the Cleveland offense has looked loads better than before.

Tldr: Foles for higher floor, lower ceiling. Mayfield if you really need to squeeze points out of your lineup