Chris Johnson or CJ Spiller????

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Chris Johnson vs Jax
CJ Spiller vs Denver

Standard scoring plus PPR.

I checked with the wife and kids and based on team name and uniform colors, they went with Spiller. Anyone have a more statistical/educated opinion?

Thanks in advance...
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I am in the same delemma.
I had Arian Foster on Thursday and my RB2 is between:
Spiller & Johnson

I have Spiller in my lineup as of 12:00pm.
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I legitimately laughed out loud at the family advice comment. True holiday spirit right there!
I think with that in mind you can't go wrong (even if CJ goes off--which I doubt).

But since you're asking... I'd play Spiller too haha.

Help with mine?


QB Cutler (Ryan)
RB Ball + Gerhart (R Jennings, Moreno)
WR Julio + Dez + Colston (Maclin, Benjamin, K Wright)
TE J Thomas
K Graham
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