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As participation in the tank moves to a larger scale, there are certain things we can do to make things easier to get answers to your WSIS questions. It comes down to doing your homework prior to posting in here

The most important thing is:


Not everyone knows off the top of their heads who everyone is playing. As we get closer to Sunday and the posts fly out, answers come quickly, and without a matchup, chances are you post is gonna be ignored, or have less traffic than you might want.

Remember also to put whose home...

Who do i start?
Mark Sanchez AT MIA or Chad Henne v NYJ in MIA

PPR Or Not?

Not so much for a QB WSIS, but for receivers and backs, this is important to know when asking for information.

Make Use of the Poll Feature

If you dont care about reasons (especially as it gets close to game time), a poll is a good quick way to get responses to your WSIS questions without having to read through all kinds of reasons. Remember to have the poll choices specify matchups and whose home)

Is weather a concern for you?

if it is, say so.

Please feel free to contribute other things to make WSIS more effective. I'll add them to this first post.