Ebron Owner needs a back up TE

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So Ebron is probably out which stinks because he is the only receiver that Indy has. Game time decision.

I can go get Brate, Hooper, Njoku, or Swain off waivers. Standard scoring 10 team league.

I was thinking Brate but Winston is just back. Maybe he has WinMagic and his past season of working with Brate plays out. But the Falcons are so beaten up why wouldn't he throw it deep? Oddly, the Falcons are strong against TEs but I think that is because folks just throw it deep. They have not faced an elite TE and Brate is elite so they are probably a lot more vulnerable than they look on the stat sheet. Just lacking a current track record makes me nervous.

Hooper is facing one of the worst team against TEs in TBay. But again, why wouldn't Ryan chuck it deep to Jones or Ridley for 30 yards instead of 10?

Njoku and Swain are what I call medium floor, medium ceiling guys. 3-5 every week unless they miraculously score but the Boys and Browns have power running games so that 3 yard TE throw is probably off tackle Elliott or Hyde/Chubb.

If I had to do it now, I would probably go Hooper but Brate is getting all the expert hype.

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Njoku or Brate if OJ is out.