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Leopard Shark
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I currently have Kansas City as my defense as they had 2 really good match ups, or so i thought. I'm thinking about picking up the Chargers tonight vs. the Raiders. The Raiders have given up at least 3 turn overs the past 3 games and with run DMC out, I'm thinking it's a good match up. It's standard defensive scoring with no points deducted for total yards.

St. Louis at Cleveland (sounds like another viable option, but they have been on of the worst defense this season
Miami at Washington
Indy vs. Jacksonville
Raiders at Chargers
Jacksonville at Indy
Denver at KC
Seattle vs. Baltimore
New England at Jets
Cardinals at Philly
Tampa Bay vs. Houston
Atlanta vs. New Orleans
Carolina vs. Tennessee
Minnesota at. Green Bay

If this is what else is on the waiver wire....let me know if the Chargers is the way to go or if I should pick someone up off the waiver wire.
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I am rolling the dice this week with St. Louis. They have had two decent weeks in a row and Cleveland hasnt been looking too good offensively. I know its a chance but we dont get a lot of points out of our defense anyway unless they score a TD.

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