Packers or Bengals?

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Bengals v Houston is a crap matchup, but the GBP D versus the Raiders makes me tentative. What do you think? We're D heavy (20pts/shutout, 6TD, no yardage, 2int,2sack,2fumrec)
Anyway, I need your thoughts. I'm 9-4 and need a win to make the playoffs. My divisional opp. has Rodgers. My other division rivals playing heads-up are 13-0 and 9-4 respectively. The 9-4 guys is up 30 b/c of the Steelers output on TNF.

My Bengals have a good matchup, the GDP score a ton of TDs, but suck at giving up yds, where they lose points.

Thoughts please/
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coin flip as they are both bad and have bad matchups... probably cincy cuz hou has no aj and no qb

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