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In a 12-team league that requires us to have TWO defenses, but only start one.

Who is the better play in the first round of playoffs this week?

New England @ Miami
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Both have pros and cons. Looking for the collective mind of the Tank for insight to make a decision.

Thanks in advance
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Saints D is probably hottest in the league. I would play them. Miami seems to give Pats fits in Miami.

12 Team - PPR
QB: J. Winston, A. Smith
RB: S. Michel, P. Lindsay, M. Mack, P Barber, J. Richards
WR: D. Adams, J. Jones, R. Woods, B. Cooks, J. Nelson
TE: T. Kelce, G. Kittle
DST: Bears
K: Who cares?
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