Would you hit it?

Is that a robot?
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WHO wrote:
birddog wrote:something ain't right here

Yeah, they're real and fake. Both at the same time.

exactly :lol: Its a full size american girl.. creepy

is this a wax museum spin-off of whats to come for store mannequins or something?

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As long as I don't have to stare into her eyes. Who am I kidding. Even if that was the only way I could, I would still hit it.

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The circumference of that waistline freaks me out. One good donkey punch and she'd break in half.

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DropkickFluties wrote:The circumference of that waistline freaks me out. One good donkey punch and she'd break in half.

just from personal experience....every little skinny girl like that I've had the pleasure usually feel like I'm throwing my hot dog down a hallway.
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with as lifeless as she tries to act, I'd say it would be more like masturbating than actually having sex... but I would be willing to find out for sure

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I'd be leery of the same disappointment and confusion back when I was 4, pulling the skirt off my sister's Barbie.

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Lifeless eyes? Welcome to marriage.

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