Thanks Tony & Pat & any others

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This has been another great season. Thanks for offering this to us. Enjoyed it tremendously, now that I've got my first playoff win, I'm hungry for more.

Was really nice to find this history on the front page.

Of course, I think it was nice to find, because my team looks so good up there. :D

Looks like 3 of us returiners have chances to move into some of the milestone pages. Phyree56 (4671), Nicos28 (4391) and myself (4707) all should break into the 5000 point regular season club next year. Can any of us do it in 3 games to beat the 43 game mark set by Aussie Cowboy? I think Phyrre56 and myself have shots at it.

Also - the same three of us should move into the 2500 point division game club. Need to do it in 3 games to beat the mark set by Aussie Cowboy.

In closing - thank you, thank you. It's been enjoyable, and I'm already looking forward to next summers draft.

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You're welcome! Without a doubt, our system here works. You guys are the toughest league I play in, bar none. Thanks for the competition and friendly rivalries. See you guys in 2007 where I hope we'll be able to make the shark leagues bigger and badder!