My favorite team not mine is....

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Coach's. The machine did a fine job this season. Brees - Gore, Johnson (and depth) - Branch, Williams (and better depth!) - Cooley, Panthers and one of the many kickers still out there. Nice draft.

Honorable mention goes to Tony. Only my fears that the 2 headed monster at RB in Dallas never results in a go-to guy gives the coach the edge. His other starters are very good and his WR starting tandem of Harrison and Owens is the best in the league.

Which basically means, since my team is better than both, that the non-staffers in the GWS league are screwed.

Second honorable mentions go to Cantebury and OilersNut. If LJ and Green hold up, Cant's pairing them with Holt and Wayne is pretty formidable, especially with a solid supporting cast. And O-Nut has a starting 8 as good as anyone's, anchored by MJD, Henry and Evans, and surprisingly good depth too.

Rosters: ... 28318&O=07

Let us know what you think!

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I like the team with Tatum Bell, Caddy, and Reuben Droughns at RB to take it all.

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I think nicos had a good draft. Vince Young is a complete wild card. His rushing TDs make him potentially a Top 5 QB. Westbrook and Edge make a potent combo. If any of his #2 WRs step up, this is a very dangerous team.

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Team I like the most - Tony H.

Only thing about his team I don't like - QB/RB1 combo from STL, RB2/WR1 from DAL. Puts too many eggs in same basket for my taste. This team will either win games by 30 or lose by 2 - could look familiar to last season for T.H. Just hope the loss by 2 is to me - I need some revenge :lol:

Either way, a team that should make the playoffs

Non-staffer without LT I like the most - (sorry wuntan - but that man puts you into a different rating category) Oilers Nut by a whisker over Java

Oilers - I would be concerned about the QB position - not a fan of either one, Java - only 1 QB? built RB/WR depth but will be interesting to see what you find on waiver wire for QB/TE/PK and D.

Top teams look to me to be those that are safe - staffers and the computer. Should be an intersting competition amongst the other 9 of us, 5 stay, 4 drop. We lool real even right now.

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feral pig wrote:I like the team with Tatum Bell, Caddy, and Reuben Droughns at RB to take it all.

This team need a lot of luck to stay competitive.