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Since I am just a hair over chum in my number of posts, I'll take this opportunity to fatten up my Sand Dolla account a bit. :D I won't bother with rating teams as it is pure speculation at this point. I feel everyone had a great draft from their given positions. So I'll just rate my own team and let you guys have at it.

1.10 Lynch
2.03 Wayne
3.10 Holt
4.03 Brown

The only pick I would take back at this point is Brown. I passed up Turner for him and then he hurts his thumb and Spliffy is now going off. Anybody have Brown last year? Then you may know why I pulled the trigger...As far as my first three, I've taken them to the bank already and the bank is happy.

5.10 LenDale White
6.03 Roddy White
7.10 Cutler
8.03 Burleson

White was the best starter on the board at 5.10 and I'm glad to have him since he will probably be starting for at least 5 weeks. Now that we know the rook is starting in Atlanta and Engram is out for ?? and Branch ??, who knows? Roddy White and Burleson fit pretty good at those draft slots. I took Cutler just a tad early but the QBs were starting to leave quick and I like this guy going forward for Denver.

9.10 Scheffler
10.03 Mo Morris
11.10 Rodgers
12.03 Steelers D

Scheffler is really making me anxious with all of his injury issues, but man when he plays, he looks GOOD. Mo Morris was an RB anxiety pick since at this point I usually have six of them. I'm not worried about him getting on the field, just what he does when he gets there. :twisted:
Rodgers was available in the 11th round so I took him...He will prove to be well worth it (probably).

13.10 Mark Clayton (every year I draft this guy because of "potential")
14.03 Fred Jackson (Absolute necessity handcuff)
15.10 Jeff Garcia (because I drafted two Week 8 bye QB's)
16.03 Rackers

Overall Grade for myself: B (because I think I did well at the 10 spot, but I didn't excel in hindsight) My QB's I feel are strong enough for the scoring system, my RB depth is in need of a little help and my WR's are nice.

So have at it gents. Let me know your opinions of my team and/or drafting skills. A couple of years ago some of you may remember I got stomped in this league and I plan on NOT letting THAT happen again!!

Have a great season and thanks to the Big Sharks for allowing me the the privilege of playing in this outstanding league again.


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I liked my draft. I don't know if my team is deserving of the "team to beat" status that I've heard thrown around. Yes, Ryan Grant fell to me at 2.12 but you don't win a league because of one pick. In fact, I'm so wary of Grant that I handcuffed him with Brandon Jackson late. He's never carried the load of a full season.

Of course any team with a healthy LT should be a contender. There are a handful of players that can produce at unparalleled levels. I was fortunate enough to get one of them by luck of the draw.

My team is like a house of cards right now. I have a great starting 6 on paper...McNabb, LT, Grant, Edwards, Williams, and Shockey. A couple untimely injuries though, especially at WR, and I'm in trouble.

I was happy to grab a few players that I feel are underrated or in a situation to break out: Matt Schaub, Anthony Gonzalez, Bryant Johnson, and Jerious Norwood. Who knows if any of them will pan out, but I don't necessarily need any of them to if my team stays healthy.

I'm definitely going to lose sleep because of WRs...

I give myself an A- that could have been an A if I managed to get a solid backup WR.

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