Regular Season Recap

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One of the most balanced regular seasons I've been a part of. The Draft Coach's performance was truly spectacular (10-2-1, most points scored).

A deeper look shows that the Coach caught some serious breaks at RB:

1. Joseph Addai outperforming his preseason consensus projections
2. LeSean McCoy lucking into a 2nd half starting role due to injury
3. Willis McGahee's silly first few weeks

Swap those guys for Larry Johnson, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Lendale White (pretty much a comparable set based on expectations, role, and ADP) and the Draft Coach's season could have been a complete disaster.

But hey...chance favors the bold.

The only negative is that FantasyHussy quit updating his team after he was out of the playoff hunt (he still has Brian Westbrook starting, for instance). I hope it's not because of any personal issues, and if it is, I retract my comment. But it doesn't seem right that some teams got easy wins late in the season just because of scheduling luck. Not in a showcase league.

Good luck to everyone in the playoffs!

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Well, it's hard to have a good season against good competition without some serious luck. The coach had plenty. It's pretty scary to think about what would have happened if coach took 4.07 Thomas Jones and 5.06 Ray Rice, which were both perfectly reasonable picks at those times.

I think opening the draft with Fitzgerald/Wayne/Rodgers is completely defensible. While compy took on more risk than needed at the RB position, it still worked out well enough to say that it's a viable draft strategy.
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Good luck to all in the playoffs. Another hard fought year in the Great White.
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Well unless Vernon Davis saves me yet again, I'm done.

But making playoffs was the big goal when 3-6 so successful either way 8)