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I started playing Shark leagues in 2007. A lowly Mako at the time, my second year playing FF competitively after having found this site midseason the year before.

I found myself in the title game, only to fall and stay right where I was. The following year I was right back in the title game, this time losing again, but to the league's high scorer so up to Hammerhead it was.

My stay in Hammerhead proved short, winning Hammerhead II against a very good BuckeyeftblGod team (Be on the lookout for him in the near future). And in the process dropping what we believe to have been the single highest scoring week in shark league history (for some reason there are no records for 2009 on MFL anymore?). And on to Whale II it was.

Then there was this season, I leaned heavily on my top two draft picks. Riding Jackson and Mendenhall the whole season, never a spectacular team, but rarely had a down week either. Found myself in the title game once again, four straight years. Eventually falling to the league's high scorer, I find myself among the big boys next year.

So, I look forward to clashing with the best competition to date next year. This is why I like the shark leagues more than any other league that I play, there is no off week, no bad players. Im coming for you, be ready.
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gives links to all 2009 sharks league.
205 is quite impressive =D>

Go with your gut and good luck!