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With the 59th pick in the Fantasy Sharks Mock Draft, The Green Bay Packers select Aaron Henry, FS, University of Wisconsin

The Packers needed to stay on the defensive side of the ball with this pick. Nick Collins' career is in serious jeapordy due to a neck injury/surgery, so the Packers need to have a Plan B in place should Collins be forced to retire. One of the more underrated safeties in the draft, Henry accounted for 125 tackles, six picks and 17 defended passes between 2010 and 2011.

With the Big Ten being a run-oriented conference, Henry was subject to limited opportunities at defending the pass while the Badgers offense also slowed games down. Nonetheless, Henry has good size at 6'0", 208 pounds and great speed to react once the ball is in flight.

Also considered: Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia & Bobbie Massie, OT, Ole Miss

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With the 60th Pick in the 2012 NFL Draft The Baltimore Ravens Select

Amini Silatolu,OG Midwestern State

The Ravens need depth at OG,so Amini will come in and compete against last seasons 3rd round pick Jah Reid to take over the spot at LG that former Ravens player Ben Grubbs vacated.

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2.29 (69) San Francisco 49ers

The Selection: Brandon Brooks OG Miami (Ohio)

1st Pick: Coby Fleener, TE,  Stanford

Team Needs: G, WR and help with the Passing Game, depth 

Analysis: With the losses of Adam Snyder and Chilo Rachal, the only option at Right Guard currently on the roster is Daniel Kilgore. Even though the 49ers are high on Kilgore, his future is at Center while competing for the RG spot.  Brandon Brooks brings that competition and then some.  I wanted Silatolu, but the Ravens sniped him, but Brooks is no slouch.  His wide body can move many defensive tackles and his weight will have to be monitored.

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New England Patriots pick

Alameda Ta’amu Defensive Tackle Washington

need someone to play with Wilfork on the front line. 6 foot 3 337 pound defensive tackle with the ability to play nose tackle in the 3-4 . i think its a good fit ...
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The 2012 NFL Superbowl Champion, New York Giants, with the 63rd pick select:

Ben Jones Georgia Center

The NYG's continue building their OL and Ben Jones seems to be ready to push for a starting position.

We need to keep SF out of our backfield! :thumbright:

12 Team Standard PPR except QB get 5pts-TD,1pt-30yds
QB: Vick*
RB: McCoy*; Charles*; Bradshaw; D. Martin*
WR: Cruz*; Julio*; Blackmon ; Cobb
TE: Pettigrew*
K: Janik*
DEF: Sea; Cin*
IDP: Dqwell*
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Indianapolis Colts
Round 3, Pick 1, Overall Pick #64
George Iloka, Boise State, FS

I think the Colts transition to a 3-4 flavor of defense still weighs as the factor. I hate to pass on the WR's available here, but I like the potential that Iloki has.

Positions of need:
This draft addressed the QB and DT so far. They added a free agent center. A tight end is still needed or a WR. A quality LB is an option to consider here if any have slipped. A safety in the mold of Bob Sanders would always be welcome. The defense is transitioning to another 3-4/4-3 hybrid and will need players to match.

Some kind of receiver is still probably the biggest need. Considering the losses of Pierre Garcon, Dallas Clark, and that Reggie Wayne may be past his prime ... Luck will need targets.

The players I considered most:
I like Ladarius Green as a possible TE pick. But this is too early. He might be a 3rd round pick. 6'6", 238 lbs, he has that WR/TE potential that Dallas Clark had, and a similar weak blocking power. He should be on the board another round or two, possibly he slides to that 4th round 1st pick.

Chris Givens (Wake Forest) and Juron Criner are the top WR's to consider. Neither is likely to last much longer. I am a little concerned about the ACL injuries that Givens had years ago.

George Iloka, Boise State, 6-4, 225, is a DB that could be a defensive star. He has the strength to contribute to stopping the run, the height to cover taller receivers and outstanding speed.
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With the 65th pick the St Louis Rams select Mychal Kendricks, LB, California

Team Needs: LB, OL, RB, S

Rams need 2 LB to play outside. Kendricks provides a much needed athletic playmaker on the oustide to help the Rams abysmal run D

Also considered: Bobby Wagner, Mitchell Schwartz, Lamichael James

12 Team PPR 2-QB League

Roethlisberger, Ryan, Dalton
Ivory, Woodhead, Hillman D Williams
A Brown, K Allen, J Landry, Cruz, Agholar, B Coleman
Dolphins, Colts D
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With the 66th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select CB/S, Josh Norman - Coastal Carolina

Positions of need - WR, S, DT, LBs, CB, RB

Theres a lot to consider here and I'm a bit dizzy looking at the potential of everyone available and how they'd fit in but, I believe this might be a pick Spielman would make. I'll admit its a bit of a dart throw on my end of it but, news was impressionable coming from the Vikings' staff during and after Senior Bowl week. I'm lead to believe they'd look at a lot of guys here and really start trying to deal their 4th round picks to move up into the 3rd if not the 2nd and grab some guy(s) that they think tumbled though the cracks. Need WRs so bear with me on this pick.

Players considered - Markelle Martin, C.Thompson, B.Taylor, A.Cole, B.Thompson, K.Reyes.. every WR available.

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With the 67th pick the Cleveland Browns select Jeff Allen, OT, Illinois

Positions of need - WR, RB, RT, DE, QB

Players considered - Jeff Allen, Mitchell Schwartz, Juron Criner, Marvin McNutt, Brandon Weeden (someone else pick him please!)

Expected some of the guys from the round 2 list to fall, but a few of these names surprise me. I'm real concerned if the draft fell like this that the Browns would draft Weeden anyway. My hope is that the Browns recognize the need and quality of talent available at RT and WR and continue to play the wait-and-see game with Weeden and the rest of the QB's. As long as there are possible starters available do not draft backups, even at QB. None of the four players would disappoint me, but in the end I think the Browns trend towards the need at RT. Since Allen has the ability to play LT as well and there is no adequate backup to Joe Thomas on the roster I think that will cause the Browns to pick him over Schwartz.

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TBB with the 68th pick.

Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia

Made by Badgasman9

Positions of need - LB, RB, DB

Analysis: This pick is a poke and a prayer. He a project. Has the tools but lacks the size and toughness to compete for a starting job right now. Bucs back is against the wall. Talib's x mas gifts list included soap on a rope. even if he survives the long arm of the law Talib won't survive the long arm of Goodell. They need to take a shot on a over achiever and hope that trend continues. CB are fairly picked over and if they address the CB spot in this draft now would be the time. Its not all bad he has good speed. Also gives utility to ST and KR / PR. His broken leg concerns many teams as well as the buc's but were in the third its time to bet on Red. Spin the wheel.

Considerations; Kendall Reyes, Sean Spence, OLB

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[selection/write-up by stuffedcrust3meat]

With the 69th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Washington Redskins select WR, Ryan Broyles - Oklahoma

Positions of need:QB (answered at pick 1-2 with RGIII), S/DB/CB

I honestly believe the Redskins look to the defensive backfield with this pick; but in the end, there just isn't a high enough upside guy left that can fill the void left by the Sean Taylor tragedy and the fiasco that was Laron Landry. Really wanted Iloka here for his versatility; so we turn to BPA for positions that can seriously help our young offense be a future juggernaut. Broyles is a 1st round talent that has slipped this far due to an ACL injury???? Go figure, ACL's are almost like bruises in todays medical world......granted some rehab good and some dont....the Redskins are hoping Broyles returns to form and can be the slot receiver that Santana Moss always should have been. The NCAA receptions record holder had to be doing something right and can be an uber-productive goto guy for RGIII for years to come. Broyles runs routes to perfection and has tremendous hands as well as a fearless element to his game; he will probably be an effective return man as well. Not the most dire need at this point, but an upside that cant be ignored for a team headed in the right direction. Possibly a steal for the Allen/Shannihan regime in the 3rd round. I wouldnt be upset at all if this was the pick.

Players considered:Iloka S Boise St, Allen S SCar

[selection/write-up by stuffedcrust3meat]
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With the 70th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select WR, T.Y. Hilton - Florida International

Positions of need: WR, DE, CB

Will help on KR/PR where Jaguars have been searching for an answer for a couple years now. Potential playmaker on offense that would offset the possesion WR abilities of Sanu (drafted rd2 by Markulous) and Mike Thomas.
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#3.10 - Buffalo Bills

Brock Osweiler, Arizona St

Positions of need: LT, DE, Vertical WR, QB project, LB

We've built up the line with an infursion at RG & RT. Wouldve loved a franchise LT this year, but we'll hang on Hairston for the year who was one of the reasons we let Bell walk - as it sure isnt the money looking at what he signed for. Developmental guy latr it is, on that front.

Disappointed Josh Norman wasnt here and gratz to the vikes GM.

Fitzpatrick has doen the job, but behind him we got nothing. We've invested in him and we're okay there but you need to develop someone as you go - in case of a blowout injury or contract standoff down the line it seems like with vet contract money for QBs going to eye watering levels. As NEP, GBP & SDC have shown back up QBs can also parlya into draft picks later.

I like Osweiler as a project and he'll have the time to sit and learn rather than being pressured into service. Not the pick i was aiming for, but one of a couple of BPAs for me right now.

Players considered: Tank Carder, Kendall Reyes, Markelle Martin

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Round 3, pick 11:

Kirk Cousins, QB Michigan St.

Positions of Need - QB, WR, TE, S, OLine

The Dolphins passed on Tannehill in the first, and watched Osweiler go off the board ahead of them. They need a QB to develop behind Moore/Garrard. Brandon Weeden was considered here, but his age and injury history were a factor. Cousins comes from a pro-style offense, and should fit into the Fins new offense well.

Others considered:

Brock Osweiler, Markelle Martin, Kendell Reyes, various Offensive Linemen
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Round 3, pick 12:

Kendall Reyes, DL UConn

Positions of Need - QB, WR, TE, S, OLine

This pick doesn't fill a need, but when a player with arguably first round talent falls to you in the third, you take him. Reyes is versatile, and will provide great depth for a Dolphins D that figures to run a 4-3, 3-4 hybrid. Will bolster an already staunch run defense, and will have the time and opportunity to develop his pass rush.

Others considered:

Markelle Martin, Nate Potter, Mitchell Schwartz

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