Gronk retires.

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Cyguy84 wrote:I completely get his perspective. He was in constant pain and had to censor himself (slightly) for years, so he is enjoying being free.

But the Patriots have such a need at TE, and he's still in his prime, I don't think the questions will go away until Brady retires.

I'm personally hoping that he gets the itch, saves himself 10 weeks of the regular season and comes back in time to get tuned up for the playoffs, but I don't consider that likely.

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Rob Gronkowski to star in new CBS sports game show with Venus Williams, Keegan-Michael Key
The former Patriots tight end will be joined by another sports legend.

Rob Gronkowski will star in a new sports game show on CBS with tennis star Venus Williams and actor and writer Keegan-Michael Key, CBS said.

CBS said in a statement Wednesday that it has ordered the show, called “GAME ON!’’, which is based on the UK’s “A League of Their Own.’’ Gronk, Williams, and Key are also executive producing the show with James Corden, who hosted the UK show.

“Equal parts comedy and game show, the genre-busting GAME ON! pits two teams of three, captained by Williams and Gronkowski, with comedians [Bobby] Lee and [Ian] Karmel and a rotating mix of sports stars, comedians and celebrities, against one another,’’ the statement said.

Key will host the show, CBS said.

Gronkowski and Williams’s teams will “go head to head in over-the-top physical challenges, from seeing who can dunk the most basketballs over a tank of water while harnessed on a bungee cord, to taking on a sumo wrestler in the ring,’’ the statement said.

“GAME ON!’’ contestants will also attempt to answer trivia questions including, “Which football player cried the longest after winning a championship?’’ and “Which of these athletes was the largest baby when they were born?’’ CBS said.

“We couldn’t have found a better host and partner in Keegan, and I can’t wait to see Gronk and Venus as we’ve never seen them before, going head to head in some epic yet ridiculous battles,’’ said Ben Winston, an executive producer of the show.

CBS did not say when the show would air.

I'll watch. :popcorn:

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I'll watch once, maybe...

Can't see it holding my interest though. Never understood the appeal of Wipeout or those other bizarro 'sports' type shows.

I can't even watch ANW anymore, it's just so boring.
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gronks sitting for the yr and then see what happens,i was hoping to scoop him near the eoy to fix my te position