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It's very convenient for group texting purposes, too...

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tsbgrayghost wrote:It's very convenient for group texting purposes, too...


It’s a great second person pronoun.
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Titans can get out with only a 5mm dead cap hit after 3 years. So there is a reasonable out if it all falls apart.
But the salary/bonus numbers are HUGE per year for a guy who was middling as a 4 year vet just a year ago.
I’m not a Tanny hater, but am guilty of cutting his a s s on occasion.
He looks like a better bet for 2020 than Carr (post FA and pre draft)
Kind of rooting for him at this point,

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hawkdogger wrote: Y’all?
Maj is a red neck?

Really, the "R" word?

"Appalachian-American" please
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Uhm, Ozarks. I guess we all look alike to you.
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Elmagister wrote:I lasted about ten years as a transplant in Arkansas before it became part of my vernacular.

Hard to avoid down this way. If you don't use it people look at you funny. After 6 years it still feels a little odd saying it but it really is more practical and economical.

For sure in text messaging

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