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Anyone wanna run it this year? I may not have the time

EDIT: Fuggit...let's do this.

I'll donate 2k. (May need some donations as the year drags on.)

You know the drill.

Its time for another amazing week of Out On A Limb (OOAL)!

For those new to the tank, and for those with a very short memory, the OOAL is where you go to make the boldest of bold, the hottest of hot, the most outrageous of outrageous predictions for the upcoming weeks games. In this thread we are looking for the most mind-boggling, never-gonna-happen predictions that make people stand up and say “wth?!?!” if it actually comes true. That’’s right…I said wth!

Be warned, this thread will make you famous.

Each week I will be giving away 1000 brand new, shiny, and curiously warm sand$ (IF I CAN GET SOME MORE DONATIONS!) to the one shark who posted the most deserving OOAL prognostication. The top two or three candidates at weeks end will be voted on by the masses to see who’s prediction was closest to accurate, while still remaining as far away from the trunk as possible.

A few rules first:

1. Trunk Huggers not welcome. Please keep your “Brady throws 4 TDs” or “Bell has 150 combined yards” predictions to yourself. Just so you know, I do post the trunk huggers at the end of the week and the whole Tank makes fun of them and does a lot of pointing and giggling when the offenders swim by. Don’t be that guy.

2. Don’t go overboard if you expect to win. A Post like “TY Hilton catches for 200 yds and 3 TDs while running in a 4th in a 52 – 0 blowout of the Ravens” actually has 3 or 4 perfectly good OOAL predictions in it. The chances of all of them coming true are slim and partial credit will only take you so far.

3. Glance through the other posts before making your predictions. Every week we have a group of people who make basically the same prediction on the same player. When it comes true, instead of winning they all just get laughed at. Don’t be that guy either.

4. Don’t edit your post after the games start. Um, Duh.

5. Only 5 predictions allowed per post….so make them count!

6. Donations welcome! In fact, i'll probably need a few to keep up the OOAL prizes. 

7. Dont predict player injuries. It's uncool, i'll ignore them, and the FF Gods will smite your team down. We dont need the bad mojo around here

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1. Trubisky is the number 1 fantasy QB after the first week due to 3 rushing TDs
2. Jaguars pull off a big upset beating the Colts by atleast 17
3. Cam Newton is benched during the first half after throwing 3 INTs
4. Raiders vs Panthers ends in a tie
5. Miles Sanders scores 2 TDs on 10 or less touches.
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M. Jones, 150 yds 3td v Bears

OBJ does an "unsavory" touchdown dance
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Wilson, Burrow
McCaffrey, Bell, White, Moss
Beckham, Golladay, Hilton, Lamb, Samuel
Fant, Arnold
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Fournette misses assignments gets bench in 1qrt, later released by Bucs

RoJo takes over and becomes undisputed #1

Big Ben is the #1 QB for the week with 4 TDs and one rushing TD

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1) Newly signed AP, runs wild for Detroit and crushes Bears for 4 TDs

2) Mitch gets benched for Foles who in return is #1 QB this week

3) Patriots dont sign a kicker for week 1
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1. CMC rushes for less than 45 yards. Has no TD’s or receptions.

2. Tampa Bay ends up being the top scoring DST for week 1 against the Saints.

3. Russell Wilson throws 4 picks and is sacked 6 times in the season opener.

4. Josh Allen has more total rushing yards than Lamar Jackson and Derrick Henry combined.

5. Julian Edelman finishes as the WR 1 for this week.

12 Team, Full PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB, WR, TE), DST, K

QB’s- Watson, Rodgers
RB’s- Gurley, Ingram, Bell, Murray, Scott
WR’s- Ridley, Woods, Chark, Edelman, Boyd
TE’s- Kelce, Waller
DST- Tampa
K- Tucker
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1. Browns win.

2. Cam Newton is the #1 fantasy QB this week. Pats fans say "Brady who?"

3. Rodrigo Blankenship kicks 3 long FGs and is the fantasy #1 PK. Lundy says "I told you so."

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1. Marlon Mack finishes RB1
2. Baker Mayfield under 150 yds, no picks, no INTs
3. Chase Young starts his career off with a 4 sack game

12 tm Dynasty PPR
QB: Darnold, Burrow, Trubisky
WR: Thomas, Robinson, J. Brown, Shepard, C. Davis, D. Hamilton, C. Claypool, W. Snead
RB: A. Jones, Fournette, Ekeler, K. Johnson, Penny, J. Howard, Snell, Gore, J. Wilson
TE: Hooper, Njoku, Akins, Warring
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Kamara has 10 catch 3td 200 combined yards
Tom Brady catches a pass
Baltimore Ravens score 70 pts plus vs Cleveland
Chris Boswell misses 3 fg tries
Eagles DSt has 10 sacks and 3 picks.

QB Wilson
RB1/2 Alvin/GIO
WR1/2: ARob/Dionte
Flex melvin

Start 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex, TE, D, K 14 man roster
(.5ppr. 12 team)
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DK Metcalf: 250 yards 3TDs coming out party.
Diontae Johnson: More yards, receptions, targets and TDs than Juju.
Noah Fant: Repeats George Kittle’s week 1 breakout in 2018.
Cam Akers: 250 total yards as he takes ownership of the Rams “Committee” backfield.
Josh Allen has his first 300 yards passing game, on the back of Stefon Diggs

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Tyrod Taylor finishes as a top QB of the week

Benny Snell finishes as a top RB of the week.

Jacksonville wins.

Devin Singletary has a better game than Christian McCaffrey

Justin Tucker misses 3 fg attempts

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Minshew throws for 500 yards and 5 tds

Because he’s a bad azz
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Carlos Hyde gains 175 total yards with 2 tds.
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Bryce Love combines for 200 total yards.

Minshew throws for 450 plus yards.

Burrow combines for 400 yards and 5 td's.

Jets destroy. Win by 27 or more.

Tennessee scores 5 or less points.
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1) Juju 200+ yds and 2 TDs

2) DJ Chark 4 TDs

3) Blake Jarwin 100+ yds and 3 TDs

4) 2 Games end in a tie this week

5) James Conner finishes as the #1 RB this week, scoring 4 total TDs

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