Week 2 - TNF - Bengals vs Browns

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rugger48 wrote:
zuggyawesome wrote:I’m out on Mayfield.

220 yards and 2TDs against the bungles D means I will never have any confidence in starting him in any matchup.

Took me a while to come to jesus here

You had this kid as tge greatest thing since sliced bread , your not going to give him some time in a new offense in a season like this? I mean I don’t think he is a superstar , but seems like your bailing a little early here..

Don’t think so. Gotta take in new information, and he’s really struggled with overall production and ball security for over a year.

I’m not saying he’s going to bust, but I’m recalibrating his short term fantasy spectrum.

Maybe he’ll be more than a game manager in the future, but not now

Some zig when others zag. I zug.