Samaje Perine

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Gio is down with a midweek concussion leading to DNP report, Gio took no snaps last 2 drives Sunday

Perine next man up, free volume RB with out a waiver priority claim used - last RB to get 100 yards against the Saints - 3 years ago for the team once called the redskins.

Heś got workload and a brief record of success with limited opportunity -

Anyone see some kool aid to be dranked here?
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I only see a desperation play. If he had anything to offer he wouldn't be behind 29 year old Gio. Also some guy at QB I've never even heard of. I would be amazed if he gets 10 points in PPR.

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Let’s see.
Third stringer.
29 year old journeyman.
Bad offense with a third string QB
Playing a good defense.

What’s not to like?