Kudos to Wade Phillpis

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The article is decently written and presents relevant stats, but misses the big point - Phillips installed the defense without the benefit of an off-season due to the labor situation. In other words, THEY PERFORMED THAT WELL WITH A NEW DEFENSE THEY LEARNED ON THE FLY. In that context, what they achieved was unbelievably impressive.

Think of how good they will be this season with the benefit of a full off-season. And also, they've parted with players who really didn't fit - Ryans, Mario - and brought in new players who know the system and can be good role players (Alan Ball, Bradie James.)

Wade Phillips and the defense make them legitimate SB contenders. The offense's main contribution will be to stay on the field and eat clock with the running game and rest the defense. What a difference one great assistant coach can make.

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