5 Draft Strategies ....

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Thunbs up. Good writing. More entertaining than actually useful, but the judges say you're going to Hollywood, son.

btw, you forgot "The Homer". See, I live in Texas and there are 2 diehard Cowboys fans in my money league. They're good fantasy players, but they invariably overdraft a Cowboy at a critical juncture. They just can't help it. My game is to figure out when it's coming, and beat them to it and fleece them later in a trade for that Cowboy they've just gotta have.

Sometimes, I draft AT people - like a weapon.

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Thanks gballs1.

See, I'm from St. Louis so it's not likely to see many homers reaching for Rams players (unfortunately, since it would make my job easier). Actually, in one of my longest standing leagues, a friend/nemesis of mine is from Wisconsin so he's always trying to hoard the GB players. Too bad he also operates under a no trade policy.

There were several other draft strategies that I could have also thrown in, but wanted to keep it condensed for the brevity's sake. Fun topic though.

What other strategies do you see a lot of out there?
I've got some other topics lined up, but a follow up might be fun as well.

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