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I never understood why we take away touchdowns from last year when evaluating players for this year. If we take away FIVE tds from Cruz? Why? Should we take away any of Newtons fantastic runs? Should we discount Gronks yards after catch due to poor tackling? Should we discount any of AJ Greens stats cause the catches were too amazing to repeat? Overall i like the theme of article and agree with most of the points made. I just never understood why we are told to forget plays and neglect stats. They are an indication of the explosiveness of the player. Great article in regards to wr duo value, i just never understood the blind eye suggestion.
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Great article.. Agree with basically everything said in there..

Brady- Those TD's will always be there in the record books but what he is saying is that if you look at them and just for the sake of argument and take them away what are you left with.. I did this same exact thing with Chris Johnson where he had something like 6 or 7 TD runs that were 70 yards or more, which I attribute some to skill and some to just pure fluke.. He has since come crashing back down to earth as he didn't have a repeat of these type of runs.. This is the same case here in regards to Cruz IMO..

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