Carribean Hammerhead Congrats

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Looks like the two best teams (Slarm and Bleacher Creatures) are in the finals. My team just ran out of gas in the end :( . It was a fun ride. Hope to see everybody next year as we move up. :wink:

Good Luck in the Finals!

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I'd like to offer my congratulations to the 2 Super Bowl teams, too! My lads were up and down all year, but gave the Creatures a run for their money in the semi finals, when it counted. :x

Guess I won't be moving up next year, but if you guys stay at the enxt level for long, you may have to deal with me again, in the not too distant future. :cry:

Again, congrats and good luck to Slarm & the Creatures. I think the Creatures are a better team right now, but on any given Sunday.......

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August 15th it all begins again! :D

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