this is for all the marbles....

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we go for all 17 weeks....most total points over the 17 weeks gets 60% of the prize pool. I am in second place but within striking distance. The guy in 1st place loses Elliot....Antonio....Ben and Hyde. So I have a chance. I have a lot of strong plays this week....I need some help deciding on the right combo.

Roster: Brady


Evans/MIchael Thomas/ Watkins/ SSmith


I know I am playing Brady McCoy DFreeman Evans I need to pick the right wr2 and the right flex.

Please help. Right now I am leaning towards Tevin and Michael Thomas but I can make a case for SSmith/ Watkins / and Rawls.

What would you do?

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Tevin Coleman is boom or bust. Michael Thomas and Steve Smith should be good and consistant. Watkins is boom or bust. Rawls is bust. I would play Steve Smith and Michael Thomas but it really depends on if you want to take a chance on Tevin Coleman or Sammy Watkins. It is all about luck in the end.

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