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My commish decided we would go into week 17, so now I have no idea who to start!

We start QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, Def (non PPR league)

My team:

QB: Cam Newton (Eli Manning on bench)
RBs: Arian Foster, Michael Turner, Kevin Smith, Jonathan Stewart, Beanie Wells
WRs: J Maclin, Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd
TEs: Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez
Flex: ??
K: Kasay
Def: Philadelphia

I have no idea who to start at WR, RB, and Flex. I'm thinking:

RB: Foster
RB: Turner
WR: Maclin
WR: Floyd
TE: Gronkowski
Flex: Either Hernandez or Beanie

*also worth noting Pierre Thomas is available as a FA.

Any advice?? I'm lost here. I don't like starting Foster, or two TE's from the same team, but I really don't know what would be a better lineup. The guy I'm up against has Brady, Welker, K Bell, F Gore, so I'm thinking I'm kinda screwed no matter what...

Thanks in advance!

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