Amendola or Nelson

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I need a WR for bench candy in a 8 team PPR (1 pt) that also rewards for large yardage totals and long TD.

I like Amendola but STL looks like crap, Nelson has 20 catches all ready and looks good

other options on WW Denarius Moore, Mike Thomas (JAX), Jacoby Ford

I think Ford and Moore limit each other and Thomas has a rough situation with Gabbert trying to find his groove

So who should I go with??

QB: Tannehill,Rivers
RB: Mccoy,Morris,Miller,D Johnson,K Williams,Woodhead,C West
WR: Megatron,Marshall,Robinson,M. Bryant
K: Hopkins
TM: Vikings
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Nelson is at best the third look. It going to be hard to know when to play him.

I'd grab Moore, I think he'll be the #2 guy in Oakland and i Think he has the most upside of the group.

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Nelson. He's the #2 guy and he's 6' 5". Chandler and Johnson will get theirs, but Nelson gets at least 8 targets a game the way Fitz is throwing it.
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I'd go Moore. It looks like Oakland's offense is for real and Moore is a huge huge reason. They will continue to have him burn defenses.
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Thanks for answering mine. I agree with the other, grab D. Moore. He has huge upside and they will get him to ball. Call it a gut feeling, but I think the Bills will come back down to Earth.
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Nelson. Buf offense looks great. Stevie little injured means he will start a game at some point at #1
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I think Nelson is the more steady option. Buffalo isn't going to stop throwing it anytime soon and he's a big target. Moore certainly has big play potential, but Oakland still doesn't throw it enough for me to love him week after week.

Thanks for answering mine!
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I like Thomas down the road here, I think jacksonville will be behind a majority of the year from here on out and he had a better week with his new young QB last week, hopefully a sign of more things to come


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