Bowe for Andre Johnson?

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Bowe for Andre?

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No, it looks like Bowe has a QB who's actually going to get the ball to him, while AJ's QB is questionable at best, at this point.

I'd hold onto Bowe.


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Believe it or not, I'd hang on to Bowe. I have Bowe and tried to unload him at the deadline. Couldn't get a reasonable offer, but if Orton starts I expect him to feed Bowe. Not just those retarded bubble screens, but downfield as well.

Orton is 10 times the QB Yates is.
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I tried and tried to get Andre in my league and the owner wouldn't budge. I made huge offers and no bite. Man am I glad!! At this point you don't want Andre. Bowe has a QB with experience starting soon and Andre will have Yates or Delhomme. Stick with Bowe.
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I'm at the other side of the fence, held on to AJ all season and now this, bah.

It's not impossible that the second injury actually could be better for AJs production, but the situation is still up in the air. Luckily I've clinched a playoff spot avoiding a wildcard game, so I have a few games to 'spare' to see if it does pan out for him.

In a situation of needing to win now I'd rather have Bowe.

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I traded Andre just before he got injured. Man am I glad I did that trade now.

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