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Please rate my team for the playoffs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. On the wire there are a few RBs (M Morris), a few D/ST (Sea, Skins, Browns, Jags), and a lot of decent WRs (T Smith, J Knox, L Moore, G Little). THANKS SHARKS!!! WILL ANSWER YOURS!!!

WR-D.Bryant,B.Hartline,D.Alexander,J.Blackmon,A.Roberts,Jacoby Jones
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Maybe flip a couple RB's or a WR+RB to upgrade a WR spot or maybe an elite TE. Otherwise a good team. Do you have a flex spot?
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Pierre Thomas is dead weight, I don't see you playing him over the other guys. I think you should drop him and back up K. Smith with Maurice Morris.

You're a bit light on running backs, but nothing too bad and you're probably past the trade deadline. Run with it :)


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