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Ok I am in a keeper league and made the playoff's which we start week 14. Here is my problem I was offered wes welker for m bush and some draft pics(piccs are no biggie I have a ton) My thinking is that if mcFadden comes back week 14 or 15 bush value goes back to not much, where as welker is the #1 wr and has good match-ups week 14-16, but here is the big deal I am thinking that m bush becomes free agent and starts for some team next year, anyone have any idea's info on this? I relly would appreciate any help with this. Thanks in advance

Oh also I can always keep welker or trade him later.
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Personally, I think I'd rather have Bush than Welker in a keeper league unless it's PPR. The sky is the limit for Bush, whereas I feel like Welker has peaked.

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I'll agree that the PPR aspect would make or break the deal for me.

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bush is gonna be good, but only if he goes to an average+ team. but with upside.

welker's gonna be at his level for a few more years, though no upside.

i think i'd keep welker, especially in ppr, but otherwise its never too early to speculate in a keeper league.


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