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Got both on my roster currently but gotta let one go for a kicker. Who do you guys think will be most productive for the rest of the season? Who do you think has the higher ceiling/lowest floor?

Jonnu will only be productive as long as Walker is injured but who knows when he'll be back. Fells seems like hes productive only since Fuller has been out.

12 Teams, 14 man roster, 0.2 PPR

1 QB - Allen
2 RB - Barkley, D. Williams, K. Johnson, Howard, Murray
2 WR - Cooper, C. Samuel, McLaurin, Crowder, Fuller
1 TE - Olsen, Fells
1 Flex -
1 D/ST - Bears
1 K -

5 bench spots
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Both are easily replaceable if anything happens to them so go with the one that has the most/upside value at the moment. In my eyes, that's Jonnu.
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Yes. i agree with TMaas. Jonnu owner here..