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Points for TDs and yardage. We receive 25% of our bench production also. Start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1D/ST and 1K. Need to drop 2 players and I am considering dropping TY Hilton and Bo Scarborough. What say the Sharks? Please help. Won my division and have a bye this week but asking for ROS.

Mccaffery, Bell, Gordon, Lindsay, Scarborough, Penny
Diggs, Lockett, TY, McLaurin, Deebo, John Brown and Washington


QB-Watson, Winston
WR-Lockett, Diggs, John Brown, McLaurin, Deebo, DeDe, JWashington
TE-Engram, Cook
K-Rams, Lions
D/ST- Bears, Eagles

Points for yardage and TD (longer TD yields more points)
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Can you load up on QBs to pad your bench total? Eli could be nice to have just sit on your bench and help contribute another 4 points for your team for the rest of the season.

Do rosters lock as well? seems like you are pressed to make a decision now but it might be best to hold out and wait for any TY Hilton news before cutting him.

Given the information you've provided, I'd probably cut Hilton and Bo.