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scootm44 wrote:1.10 Gordon, Melvin LAC RB - pleasantly surprised to land him. True bellcow.
2.03 Thomas, Michael NOS WR - ecstatic to land him.
3.10 Landry, Jarvis CLE WR - hopefully a solid #2
4.03 Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB - I never do this. Decided to give it a try.
5.10 Engram, Evan NYG TE - My most worrisome pick. Prime for a regression.
6.03 Jones, Deion ATL LB - Early but I was determined to get 2 set em and forget em LBs
7.10 Brown, Zach WAS LB - see above
8.03 Collins, Landon NYG S - knew my 2nd S would be weak so I made sure I got him for my 1st
9.10 Donald, Aaron LAR DE - much more value as a DT but still an elite option
10.03 Garcon, Pierre SFO WR - decent wr3 or bye week play
11.10 Griffen, Everson MIN DE - solid #2 DE
12.03 Carson, Chris SEA RB - may become a viable starter
13.10 Schobert, Joe CLE LB - solid #3
14.03 Zuerlein, Greg LAR PK - a little early but with a week 12 bye I don't need to address the position for awhile
15.10 Barber, Peyton TBB RB - see Carson comments
16.03 Kittle, George SFO TE - If he hadn't got banged up in the preseason game I think he goes sooner
17.10 Thompson, Chris WAS RB - probably doesn't stay on my roster long
18.03 Simmons, Justin DEN S - home player
19.10 Ross, John CIN WR - late round flier
20.03 Jones, Josh GBP S- a startng SS. Not much else to say

Despite the drop from 16 to 12, I stayed with my basic strategy for this league = fill out starters first. Benches are very short still. All in all, I'm satisfied with it.

Love the Carson pick in the 12th (Seattle baby!)

Unfortunately, you didn't go WR-WR so we are going to have to deduct that from your ranking HaHa

So, my question is with your draft is it a 2 RB/2 WR for starter draft or is it a 1 RB/3 WR starter draft?

Hey Everyone, we are going into the conference room to hear Doug's strategy as to why he picked four kickers in Fantasy Football....
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Not sure yet. Carson and Barber are definite possibilities. Otherwise I roll with 1 RB and 3WR or even 2 TE.