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Hi Sharks - I'm in two 12 team leagues, both 1 pt. PPR. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE, 1 DEF, and 1 K in both. One is more or less for fun/bragging rights, the other a "big money" league (relatively speaking). Please offer your thoughts on each team. I'll call the "big money" team Team A, the other team, Team B. Thanks for taking a few minutes to rate each. I am open to suggestions as to where I might want to look bolster things as you see it. Thank you very much for reading.

NAL Commish

Team A

QB - Wilson
RB - Hunt/Lynch
WR - Green/Fitzgerald
TE - Reed
Flex - Crabtree (for now)
DST - Chargers
K - Butker

Bench - CJ Anderson, Breida, Carson, Kerryon Johnson, Gallup

Team B

QB - Wilson
RB - Kamara, Mixon
WR - Devante Adams,Marvin Jones
TE - Walker
FLex - Bernard
DST - Broncos
K - none yet

Bench - Crabtree, Brieda, Morris, CJ Anderson, Cobb, Ridley, Anthony Miller
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I really like Team B, a lot. Team A has a chance but worried about your WRs and Skittles production. You definitely have some upside with Kerryon, Carson, CJA, Gallup and Breida though

12 Tm, Std
Gurley, A Jones, Singletary, Mattison, Boone
Lockett, DJ Moore, Boyd, M Williams, R Anderson, AJ Green
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Big fan of Team B. Kamara Mixon and Adams are hard to pull off. Good squad

.5 Point PPR League
QB : J. Goff
RB1: A. Kamara
RB2 : N. Chubb
WR1: R. Woods
WR2/TE 1 : T. Kelce
Flex : C. Carson
Kick : Crosby
Def : Chicago

RB : L. Murray , K Hunt
WR. C. Godwin, D Westbrook, M. Brown, J. Gordon, J. Ross