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David Johnson, Kelce, Devonta, Duke, aRob, Dede is a solid start in Ppr, as I followed what became a zero WR strategy. With Duke in flex, I only need to start 2 WR's.

At QB, I snagged Mayfield(my 2nd ranked qb) in the 5th after mahomes went in round 1. I wanted a running QB, and grabbed Lamar in the 12. Strangely Rivers was never taken so I grabbed him in the last round instead of one of waiver fodder option still left.

Also grabbed 2 of my top defenses, as every late round target I had got snatched up before I picked. BROWNS and EAGLES.

Weakness is definitely depth as I have all high upside guys behind the rb starters. Justice, Darwin and Malcom Brown.

Tyrell Williams makes a decent WR3 and came cheap.

Kelce was never planned, but all of my 2nd round targets were gone, and I couldn't pass up the advantage he brings at the position. When he fell, it changed things up. Plan was for Devonta as my RB3 originally.

I think this team is positioned well, with depth being a major issue due to 3 QB's and 2 defenses. The caveat is that I didn't think there was much after round 12 I couldn't easily replace on waivers. Most years I have a dozen late round guys, this year there were only a handful, all of which are more lottery ticket than "solid floor" guys.