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Just drafted this team. What do you think? Basic Yahoo scoring.

1. (8) E. James
2. (13) D. Davis
3. (28) R. Johnson
4. (33) J. Horn :lol:
5. (48) Mi. Clayton
6. (53) S. Smith
7. (68) M. Hasselbeck
8. (73) C. Palmer
9. (88) A. Lelie
10. (93) D. Akers
11. (108) Philadelphia
12. (113) L. Fitzgerald
13. (128) L. Smith
14. (133) R. Williams
15. (148) P. Price
16. (153) K. McCardell

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telling ya those guys were morons... still can't believe you got edge in the 8 spot... I had a team like that last year... the only problem is that you have a hard time deciding which stud to start... or who you should drop when TE and K bye weeks come around...

edit: well I take that back... you got price to drop... its always good to have a scrub.

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Solid. Why can't I get one of these leagues...

QB: Foles, Flacco
RB: Forte, Oliver, Bush, Martin, Rainey
WR: A. Brown, Maclin, S. Smith Sr, Garcon, M. Jones
TE: V. Davis, Wright
K: Hauschka
Play 3WR, 2RB, 1Flex

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