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Just an FYI all, but after speaking with Tony we're going to adjust the "Default" scoring that shows up with the IDP projections.

I'm sure you've all seen/read me refer to "Default IDP Manor Scoring" which is the scoring system I've used when discussing and generating player rankings since I started writing about IDP back in 1874 ( the internet was slow then).

It's a "balanced" scoring system, and the reason I like to use that as a default is that is better (IMO) demonstrates IDP value across positions. It's also on the lowball side (the IDP scoring in Deathmatch, for example, is substantially higher), but that's just because I also wanted to keep it simple for the benefit of those new to IDP.

Anyway, henceforth "Default IDP Manor Scoring" is now "Fantasy Sharks Default IDP Scoring", which is:

Tackles: 1 Point Each
Assists: .5 Points Each
Fumbles Forced: 2 points Each
Fumbles Recovered: 2 points Each
Interceptions: 4 Points Each
Sacks: 4 Points Each
Safety: 4 Points Each
TD: 6 Points Each
Passes Defensed: 1 Point Each

Honestly, the change is mostly cosmetic. With the current default IDP scoring the top end of the overall IDP projections are TOTALLY top-loaded with big-tackle linebackers, and my concern was/is that that could be misleading at first glance, especially to newcomers to IDP.

Also, in no way am I saying that this is the "best" IDP scoring. I don't presume to make those sorts of statements. Scoring should be whatever a league's owners want it to be. It's a baseline. A reference point. Nothing more.

I would still IMPLORE anyone who chooses to avail themselves of my IDP projections to take a moment to input their scoring system. That way you can get a set of projections tailored to your specific league, and that's where the projections will be of the most value.

Questions/Comments/Vitriol? I'm all ears. :thumbright:


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Good post :thumbright:

That scoring is pretty standard and most leagues will be using some variation on a theme. When discussing any players relative values THAT is the sort of "scoring" i - at least, and like Gary i dont presume every league is the same - will default to.

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