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I know were just heading into the playoffs for most of this year, but I've already started looking towards the future of next year.

Ive decided to start a full 40 man roster with IDP Dynasty league. I'm just having trouble deciding exactly on how to score defensive players to create some parity among positions, obviously DB's aren't gonna be getting the bulk of points compared to Linebackers. Also to keep some parity among the actual league itself, ive decided it'd probably be best to create a salary cap system where you get fake money. and each player has a value depending on the previous year points scored. I just don't know where to start on creating the values for them though. Like ive played around with the top 5 linebackers will be worth this much, and the top 15 will be worth less but I cant quite figure out what those values should actually be.

If you have any advice or information I should know it'd be greatly appreciated. Again I know its early but I realize how much work its going to take to put this together so it runs fair and smoothly. thanks!
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check out the scoring and roster set up for house of purgatory. it's somewhat similar to what you're trying to accomplish and should provide a good launching point:

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