Chronic LB Deficiency Syndrome

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We've played IDP for 3 years, and I am still getting the hang of it. One thing I noticed over the first couple of years was that I wasn't able to draft consistently good LB's - though injuries contributed to that. For reference, our scoring is 1 pt per tackle, 1 pt per pass defensed, 0.5 per assist, 4 per sack or turnover (2 for FF, 2 for FR), and 6 for TD's.

So this year, I reached a little and got Telvin Smith in the 7th round, when I didn't like any of my offensive options, but even so, I wound up with the #1 DB and a top 5 DL, but my final slate of LB's (Smith, Shazier, and Burfict) wound up #16, #29, and #21. Not bad, and rotating them by matchup and streaming others allowed me to get the most out of them as a corps, but still not the kind of dominance I tend to show on the offensive side of the ball. (Note: I did win the title, but the IDP could have been much better, and needs to be, going forward.)

Wondering what advice anyone has for an insecure IDP owner suffering from Chronic LB Deficiency Syndrome. Thanks!
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where are your opponents taking their first LB? if you're bringing up the rear taking your first, "reach" a bit more. also, research LBs like your life depends on it. that's the only way i got competitive at IDP. i just buried my nose in info and built a foundation of player and scheme knowledge that i continually add to year after year.

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My only idp's are dynasty, so the approach is different but I try to get ahead by identifying next man up before he actually is. Coaching changes, offseason personnel moves, under performing vets, and expiring contracts of potential high performer's that are currently blocked are a few good places to start mining. There are branches to go from there, but that's the basis.
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That is some low scoring for IDP's, they must not hold much value.

My league is 2 points for solo, 1 for assist, 7 for int, 4 for fumble, 3 for sacks and sack yardage.
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Not sure what the complaint here is really. Telvin, Burfict, and Shazier is a solid group of LB'ers. The overall placement of them are misleading because Sahzier and Burfict both got hurt and are injury prone. What are their average PPG placements last year? They should all be top 12 (or so). I'm my league Burfict was #2 overall average PPG, Telvin #11and Shazier #15. If they aren't then your scoring system is the culprit and you need to identify LB'ers that are more suited took finish at the top, which may consist moreso of LB'ers that get more peripheral stats (sacks/int's) instead of tackles.

On personal note, I can't stand Shazier. Guy gets hurt every year and is just simply overrated.