Fine Tuning My Dynasty Roster

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12 team league - start 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1k, 2dl, 3lb, 2db
leader at each position - qb (419.1), rb (324.8), wr (208.1), te (138.0), k (176.0), dl (156.2), lb (201.1), db (193.7)
our league uses an auto lineup feature so depth matters

qb - d.carr, d.brees
rb - l.bell, t.gurley, t.montgomery, f.gore, m.mack
wr - evans, a.cooper, d.hopkins, a.jeffery, d.thomas, j.schuster-smith
te - z.ertz, j.butt
k - j.tucker
dl - j.pierre-paul, e.griffen
lb - m.barron, j.brown, v.burfict, w.compton, c.jones, r.shazier, m.lee
db - h.smith, k.joseph, o.melifonwu

I think I have a pretty stacked squad but I still have 5 roster spots available. Keeping in mind that roster depth is one of the biggest factors in our league where should I focus my efforts to finalize my roster. My thought is 1. te, 2. lb, 3. qb, 4. wr, 5.db
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welcome to the tank, enjoy your swim.

i like your order, only i'd switch "QB" for "RB"

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Auto lineup, as in best ball?

If Butt is on your team, it's unlikely that there are any legit TE's even available. I'd just roll the dice with those 2 TE's and not take another. Same with QB.

I'd go:

1. RB
2. DE
4. WR
5. DB