Keep or drop Cyprien

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In my league, we have 4(DB). I have Maye(NYJ), Sorenson(KC), Branch(ARI),and Amos(CHI) with Cyprien(TENN) on IR. With a (Q) behind Cyprien's name I either have to drop him or activate him and drop someone else. The problem is Branch is on a bye and if I keep Cyprien I would drop Maye and have to start 3 (DL). Not sure what to do? DL's are Hughs (Buf), Atkins(Cin), Addison(Car) and Ogbah(Clev).
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I'm struggling with this him too. I've had Cyprien in a dynasty for several years. If he were still with the Jags, I would say definitely keep him. It's hard to predict how he'll perform, from a fantasy aspect, on a new team for which he's only played one game.

My personal philosophy is to cut DBs first. It depends on your scoring setup, but 3/4 of your DL seems like they're functionally the same.

If it were me, here's who I'd definitely keep:
Sorenson, Branch, Amos, Ogbah

Cyprien is a huge question.
I think everyone else is a toss-up and probably replaceable. What's the waiver wire look like?
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Im w/Spliffy :thumbright:

Not sure i thought id say a sentence that sounded like that on a monday morning - but there we are!

“There is an art to flying ... learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”
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