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I first noticed Adoree' Jackson after the Titans bye in week 8 when I checked team stats for my rostered Titans RB's (D. Murray/D. Henry). Starting last week I noticed a few rushing stats for Jackson. I just assumed he was a rookie scatback but when I saw more rushing stats for Jackson again in week 10, I decided to check out who he was. Adoree' Jackson, a rookie from USC, is the starting RCB for the Titans. In addition to his full time job on defense and his part time gig on offense, Jackson is also the Titan's kick and punt returner and possesses some serious Travis Benjamin-like speed.

The Titans created some offensive sets for Jackson which they apparently implemented during their bye, using him as a quick, slashing scatback similar to former Jags' RB, Denard "Shoelace" Robinson. Before tonight's game I checked Fantasy Shark's strength of schedule tool and saw that Pittsburgh was the most generous offense for surrendering points to DB's. When I checked which DB's had the most success vs the Steelers, I noticed it was RCB's in 3-4 defenses who had the highest point totals. On that whim I added Adoree' Jackson to my roster and started him tonight. The final results were fantastic. Jackson led all defensive players with 11 solo tackles, a FF, and two defensed passes. Good for 15 points in my IDP league!

A tackling corner who gets limited offensive reps rushing the ball with the potential for scoring return TD's? I'm a traditional IDP leaguer who prefers strong safeties for my starting DB, but Adoree' Jackson's performance tonight certainly provided me with a fantasy IDP paradigm shift.
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Would you take him in a DB league, instead of a Safety?

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In a return yards league, most definitely

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zuggyawesome wrote:In a return yards league, most definitely


Guys you want in return yd leagues at DB has its on "JJ" tier starting and ending w/Jackson.

Next tier (Tier 1) has Des King all to itself.

Tier 2, its Jabrill Peppers - and he might have company from 1 of the tier 3 group TBC.

After that (Tier 3)? Bit messy really. Others worth a look (early, so unsure about where they are in the KR/PR depth chart, but have return ability)

* Jourdan Lewis
Jamal Agnew
* Bryce Callahan
* Mike Hughes (MIN) (R)
* Jaire Alexander (GBP) (R)

Anyone with an "*" hasnt done a return yet - but its a ridiculously early sample size right now and all id take from that is they might not be #1 option.

Ref: Hughes, i'll let Griff jump in on him, he'll know the situation better.

Peanut gallery obseration? McKensie was out for this one, who i think was pencilled in as the starter. Not sure if he is after this week or not. Like i say, Griff or others might have a better handle on it.

Ref: Lewis, think he lost the slot gig to Anthony brown.

Returners definitely worth considering owning, but only ever if they are starting. Usually wont put up enough pts to justify starting them otherwise and - barring Adoree or King (maybe Peppers, hard to draw much from a crazy game this weekend) - i wouldnt chase any of them too hard or bid too much.

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