Shaq Thompson

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Will he be moving over from the strong side to take more of the weak side LB snaps in light of Thomas D's retirement notice.

Is he capable (as in good enough) of replicating T Davis' production?

Feels like he's been in the league for a relatively long time, and it's been 3 years but he's young....only 23 turning 24 in April

IDP Dyno buy?
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It depends on what else is out there, but he'll probably do well at WLB. Frankly, I thought he was undersized for the strong side, but it was the only starting LB position open (he wasn't going to displace TD and LK).

The panthers might be losing their DC this offseason, so if it were me, I'd wait on it.
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I have held on to him for all that time so really hoping something good comes this year. I will take this as good news. Will probably pick him up in other leagues too.