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Bobby Wags, Joe Scho and Khalil Mack are saddled into the starting spots, gotta figure the last keepers by Monday. I should probably only keep 5.

Mason Foster
Oldie but should be steady
Raekwon McMillan
Seems about time...
Haason Reddick
Scheme change worth the gamble to keep?
Mark Barron
Hard to figure this one, I just wish he'd switch back to DB #-o ... and plz move Mack back to DL too FantasySharks gods :lol:
Burfict... can barely say his name I've been holding onto forever. He's the only guy slated for every down work at this point though.

2nd part of the question: Which Devin?
Might want to use that later round draft pick on one. **edit* checks, pick 9*

3rdly :lol: , I don't mind when Alex Morgan celebrates. Sports radio won't give up on the over-celebration, but as long as they show their mettle when the tougher opponents arrive.
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Is Pitt thinking of going multiple DB formations? The Chargers made it look so good vs. Lamar Jackson. Kind of thinking Barron could move back to DB if those type of Nickle formations are considered for a position change... A hybrid Polamalu
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Foster and Reddick for me. Even if Hicks stays healthy I think he is in for a solid season.

Devin White for me. I expect both to put up LB1 numbers, but White just has another gear imo. Dude can fly. Im also a diehard LSU fan so have seen a lot more tape on White then I have Bush... may be the only two guys in the draft that cant go wrong with either one

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Couldn't formulate a Reply while watching the GIF
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Keepers? McMillan & Reddick

Burfict a wildcard - as ever really. Could put up some #'s but health and suspensions make him a tricky sell vs the younger guys.

I dont dislike Foster for IDP, but - like Zach Brown - Fosters had the privilege of playing on very stat friendly scoring crews in the NFL (Tampa & Washington both top 10, Chicago #13 for past 2 seasons).

The two things going against him (1) As a player hes "meh". Average is a good day for him ... and (2) at 30yo, his lifespan could be limited vs some of your other candidates.

He'll be a decent shot on redraft IDP teams, but beyond that ive not much interest. Wouldnt be shocked if he was displaced at some point.

Mack? Unlikely to move to DE. Pagano/ Harbaugh's edge guys rarely have been. Itll depend more on which site hosts your league there. We can always hope tho.

Which Devin? Both landed in great spots. Wont go wrong with either, but itll depend on your scoring most likely: If youre tackle heavy? Go Bush. If its sack heavy? Go White. Wont be much in it either way though, so either would be a W.

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Thanks for the help ya'll. I ended up keeping Reddick, Raekwon and Foster to keep my options open at number 9 more. WR need was probably even more dire, so I went with DK Metcalf. Both those rookie LBs look real good though and were available. Hopefully DK can stay healthy and develop to allow for no regrats.

I need to get a better idea of the 2nd tier LB prospects now...
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The fall to tier 2 lb's is...massive. That's why I probably would have picked a Devin. The only wr I think may be substantially better than whatever one falls to 2.9 is Isabella.