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I've been playing in IDP leagues for almost 20 years and the one constant observation I hear from league members who are new to to the IDP format is that there is no downside for defensive players. Offensive players can be penalized for INT's and fumbles. Kickers can be penalized for missed FG's and XP's. But IDP's are never penalized. All biscuit, no risk-it

But can they be? My league has discussed the possibility of assessing negative scoring to defensive players via infractions. For example, a 5 yard penalty (offsides, defensive holding) would assess -1 pts. 10 yard penalties would be -2 pts. 15 yards or more would result in -3 points. So far we haven't found this option in my ESPN league, so I'm not sure it's even a configurable option in other FF host formats.
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Elmagister wrote:I bet MFL can do it.



You can add negative points (or fractions/ decimals) for both:

& Pen ydage

If you dont mind paying? There's very few things MFL cannot be customized to do.

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That’s a great MFL feature.
Pivoting to IRL football, on a similar note:
Why are there free offensive plays on a defensive offsides, but the play is whistled dead on every single offensive procedural penalty?
I get unabated, and safety issues. But procedure calls should go both ways.
If there’s a false start, or uncovered man on the line for instance, the play should be run with the defense having the option to decline.
If it’s just for the sake of scoring and dollars, that’s not good enough for me.
Give me a real reason why defenses don’t get the win-win opportunities that offenses do.

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