Michigan Wolverines 2013

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wth? #-o :F I know we are 4-0, but geez. Struggle against Akron at home? The Uconn? I just don't get it. I think Hoke is not a very good coach, and I also think Gardner is not a QB. He is a great WR, but not a QB. He makes WAYYYY too many mental mistakes. He sucks. I think they should give the QB job to Morris or one of the other REAL QBs on the roster.

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35 kids on the roster are freshman. devin gardner will be fine. he's working the kinks out and even though these last 2 games should of been easy, devin and the offense drove down the field when they needed to late in games to win.

our o line outside of the ends are super young up the middle and our defense is still a year away from being what it needs to be plus our best player isn't on the field yet.

brady hoke is a great coach and recruiter and still has half a squad of richrod's kids. hoke lost 3 games last year to the 2 teams who played in the NC and one that would of if it had been eligible. and played a real tight one against SC. they had a good season even with a dead arm denard.

i think the understanding this year was a blow off year esp with ryan being out. next year if we don't make hay, then you can start to question our coaching situation. gardner's poor decision making is whats kept these teams in games. 2 pick 6's and fumble recoveries for tds.

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F it - I learned my lesson the previous week and took pUCONN and the pts...and the $$$.

Sorry Wolverines - no offense intended. I'll be picking against you the rest of the year but hope you beat the hell out of the suckeyes fwiw.
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