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Even though it's down now mine is: norticans125

I play a lot of Madden and NCAA, but I change it up sometimes
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psn tag - uno123

I play NCAA and Battlefield Bad Company 2
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bent79....anyone do zombies on black ops or mw3 ..hit me up..My son is also on with same screen name, and much better than me :F

Could be better...Could be worse
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I am on PS4 Sshots2 mostly on Ghost but I also play Battlefield 4

QB: Carr, Wentz
RB: Barkley, Jacobs, Duke Johnson, Gallman, Swift, Kerryon and Washington
WR: C Ridley, Cooks, Gordon, Cobb, Metcalf, A J Brown, Deebo, Mims; Harmon, and Whiteside.
TE: O J Howard, Engram
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Soccer27playa PSN

Championships: 2015 Deep Blue; 2015,2016 League of Titans, 2016 SWBS