Balder's Gate 3

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Very excited for this. The original is probably the best CRPG, and one of my all time favorite games. Just started replaying in anticipation.
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I'm excited for it too. I'm hoping it's just as good as the other ones. I've been hoping for a Neverwinter Nights 3 but this should be good too
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If you liked Baldur's Gat, NWN, PoE and are waiting for BG3 to land?

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is worth a play till then.

Different rulesets (no Boo/ Minsc too :) ), but from the potraits down to the party formations, party char side quests, party based pausable isometric combat and levelling/ dungeon crawling.? Very similar

You do get "Kingdom management", politics (lots of it) and advisors thrown in to the mix, on top of it tho, which makes up for it being good - but not quite great at some of the above that BG and PoE does very slightly better.

Some fairly weighty moral decisions to make at points too & its got a cpl expansions already out.


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Larian Studios is solid. Playing through Divinity Original Sin 2 right now. They apparently approached Wizards of the Coast about doing this after the first Divinity Original Sin and got turned down.

That's good, because the 2nd game is much better than the first. Baldur's Gate is in good hands.