Blitz' 1st Annual Record Pool

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Still very early for this but wanted to get it out there and I'll circle back to it when August rolls around.

I'm hoping to start my own Pool with the Shark family this year.

It is a records pool. 1000 sands per shark. Payouts still TBD but roughly a 65/25/10 payout.

Here's how it works...

Each shark will submit their predictions for records of all 32 teams by September 1st. You must have an equal number of wins/losses, which amounts to 256 wins and losses.

After Week 17, you will accumulate points based on your record predictions.

A correct guess = 10 points
Within 1 game either way = 6 points
Within 2 games either way = 3 points
Within 3 games either way = 0.5 point
Anything worse than that is 0 points.

Patriots 12-4. Final record 12-4 = 10 points
Jets 8-8. Final record 9-7 or 7-9 = 6 points
Bills 6-10. Final record 8-8 or 4-12 = 3 points
Dolphins 4-12. Final record 1-15 or 7-9 = 0.5 point

I will total all of the records after Week 17 and the winner will be announced then.

Last year I did this in one of my 12 team leagues and it was a success. The winner had 131 points and last place had 88. We all figured that whoever had the most correct guesses would win, but that wasnt the case. The winner who totaled 131 points had 7 correct guesses, and second place totaled 129.5 points and had 8 correct guesses.

I will attach the spreadsheet from last year later today as an example.

Keep it in mind and hopefully theres enough interest to get 20+ sharks in the pool.


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seems really sure to PM later and I'll get in on it

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