Fifa World Cup 2014 Draw

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Yikes thats a tough group for the USA,Argentina have a very easy group.

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Kaleb.09 wrote:Yikes thats a tough group for the USA,Argentina have a very easy group.

Yeah, as has been said throughout....USA will have a tough time advancing out of that group. HOWEVER, don't discount the fact that this team is vastly improved....they'll be better suited for the change in climate based upon the varied qualification matches that they have....and the change in quality of the other nations. I'd still expect Germany/Portugal to advance, but Portugal is nowhere near as strong as they were, and have struggled to qualify. That being said, they always seem to struggle in qualifications. Ghana, while being the thorn in USA's side, is much older at their skilled positions, and less experienced in others. I expect it to come down to the Portugal match for the US. IF they tie, they have a chance.

As for Argentina-yeah. Easier draw. However, Bosnia is very difficult to score on, and Nigeria is likely the strongest African team.
Weakest group to me? H. I don't see a contender of any sort in there. IF the US were to get through, this is the group they'd draw from in the round of 16.
E and C are also weak....especially E
England's going to have a hard time advancing

Advancing for me?
A- Brazil/Mexico
B- Spain/Chile
C- Cote d'Ivoire/Colombia
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Yeah, that is all ended.